200mm 8″ Wet Sharpener & Buffer 82-100 by Rikon

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The Wet Sharpener is ideal for putting a precision edge on hand tools blades. Its slow rotation eliminates any chance of ruining edges from overheating. The Buffer is very versatile. With different grades of applied compounds, the wheels can put a quick, final honed edge on tools, or buff a high gloss shine on woods, metals, and other materials. Useful on shop tools, household items, machinery or vehicle parts, sports equipment, and so on. Machines are wired for use with 3-wire 120V electrical receptacles.

8” 200mm Wet Sharpener #82-100 provides woodworkers with a system that efficiently removes steel and sharpens tool edges without any overheating that can ruin blades, thanks to the slow-turning abrasive wheel and water cooling action. A holding jig makes putting the right cutting angle on tools easy and consistent, every time. Leather strop removes any burrs and puts the final razor-sharp, final honed edge on tools – chisels, plane blades, turning & carving tools, knives, axes, and more.


  • 1/4 HP motor with forward and reverse rotation
  • Steel support bar repositions for horizontal or vertical use with jigs
  • The jig holds tools and slides along the bar for solid, consistent support
  • 220 grit abrasive wheel will put precision edges on big or delicate tools
  • Large, removable water tray for easy refilling and clean-up
  • Rugged plastic cabinet keeps motor safe from moisture
  • Leather honing wheel for final edge sharpening and honing
  • Protected switch with Forward/OFF/Reverse positions

Standard Inclusions:

  • Angle Measuring Tool
  • Support Arm
  • Straight Tools Edge Holder
  • Jig
  • Honing Compound

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